Casey Anthony TV Movie – Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony TV Movie – Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

A new movie based on the book recently written by Jeff Ashton ‘Orlando Sentinel’, a retired Florida prosecutor, will be worked upon, starring Casey Anthony. Emmy award winner Alison Cross (Roe vs. Wade)will be writing the script, and she will also be working as an executive producer for the film, along with Jean Abounader and Michelle Manning. Abounader has already names numerous movies, while Michelle Manning is popular for her 16 Candles. Given the list of names that back the movie, there are pretty good chances that the movie will be playing in a television set near you very soon.

Casey Anthony was formerly charged with the killing of her baby daughter, Caylee, and was acquitted this July. The disappearance of her child shocked the nation and led to the searches in several places. Anthony had initially claimed that it was the child’s nanny that had her kidnapped, however, investigators revealed that there was no nanny appointed for the child. Jurors acquitted Casey, and she was subsequently released from prison.

Jose Baez, lead defense attorney for Casey later made open statements that George Anthony, Casey’s father, had molested her for years. According to him, when baby Caylee drowned in a pool accidently, George disposed the body, and made for his daughter to cover him up. George’s family members denied the allegations, though Casey made no comments. As per the Orlando Sentinel, the prosecution did have strong case before them; however, Cindy, Casey’s mother, was throughout in denial of her daughter being on a colossal scale.

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